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Faith & Toil

Faith, among other things gives a person commitment to God, to his fellow beings and to intellectual pursuits. Toil is the necessary prerequisite for success.

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Forming Leaders

Men and women trained to assume responsible positions in society and have a positive influence on others.

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United We Stand

Promoting the sense of oneness among our students for a united India.

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Institution Building

The Institution is located in the heart of the city on Mallya Road. The campus is a blend of tradition and innovation.

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Sad Demise

Our beloved Head Master Rev. Fr. Joy Fernandes passed away on December 31st 2014.

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Middle school

At St.Joseph’s Indian Middle School , we equip our students with a unique educational experience which emphasizes a seamless blend of academics, sports, performing arts, community and experiential learning programmes.

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High School

St. Joseph's Indian High School is one of the oldest schools in the State of Karnataka with a history of more than 114 years behind it. The school has formed thousands of students who have excelled in various walks of life.

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PU College

St. Joseph's Indian Composite Pre-University College was established in 2006. Ever since its inception the college has strived to achieve the best and set high standards in the field of PU education.

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Community College

St Joseph’s Community College was started in 2005 and is a step towards helping, guiding and making an easy path to create a better future to the young men and women, through different skill based courses.

"Ad maiorem Dei gloriam inque hominum salutem (For the greater glory of God and salvation of man)."
- St.Ignatius Loyola